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19th China (Guangzhou) International Musical Instruments Expo review

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May 22-25, the 19th Guangzhou International Musical Instrument Exhibition in the China Import and Export Fair Pavilion B zone grand opening! The Guangzhou Musical Instrument Exhibition has been suspended for 3 years due to the epidemic. During this exhibition, vines music invited many customers with great sincerity and brought many new products that were never seen before, which attracted the eager selection and audition of musicians one after another. 

Here are some photos of the exhibition site and the customers playing:


New product

In this exhibition, we brought many new products to our customers, including electric guitars with special effects, headless electric guitars, etc., the tone and material have been upgraded accordingly, and the playing effect has been recognized by many guitarists. If you are interested in the following guitars, please feel free to send us information. We will send you the detailed information of these guitars and attach the test videos of professional guitarists. Looking forward to hearing from you.

q1 q2q3 q4q5 electric guitar

New achievement

The company has achieved fruitful results in this Guangzhou exhibition, not only showcasing its leading technology and professional services, but also establishing good relationships with many potential customers and partners. Many musicians have shown great satisfaction and appreciation to our products, which further strengthens the sustainable development of our brand.


The company would like to thank all the visitors and partners who participated in the Guangzhou Exhibition, as well as the organizers of the Guangzhou exhibition for providing a quality platform. The company will continue to focus on research and development, to make contributions to the development of the industry, so that better quality products within reach.

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